Board Member Spotlight-Sizemore

Board Member Spotlight - Kacie Sizemore, Vice President Membership

Kacie Sizemore is the Founder and Intellectual Capital Leader for Joyus, LLC in Denver. As an advocate of people-centric work cultures, Kacie has spent the past 14 years enhancing leadership, culture and employee wellbeing programs for her clients- with a specific focus on creating an elevated employee experience for the employees and higher engagement levels for the employer. She does this through advanced people analytics, which helps clients make informed decisions about their workforce. Find Kacie on Twitter @KacieLSizemore

FUN FACT ABOUT KACIE!! Kacie is an avid traveler and has been all over the world. Her most thrilling experience, however, was bungee jumping off of a bridge that was labeled the World’s Highest Bungee Jump by Guinness World Records. Yikes!!!
What is Membership at BAHRA? Membership is the core of BAHRA because our members are the reason BAHRA exists. This fundamental role within BAHRA is comprised of a VP of Membership that sits on the Board of Directors, as well as a sub-committee of passionate member volunteers. The role of membership is not only to attract and retain members, it is also to help build an inclusive community of HR practitioners and folks in related fields.
Each December, the Membership Committee hosts our Exclusive Member Appreciation Event at an offsite location to provide our members with a unique networking opportunity and libations to celebrate their awesomeness!

Kacie's Picks! Check out TWO books that she highly recommends!

"The Culture Code" by Dan Coyle - an easy, interesting read on why cultures work or don’t work. A broad study of jewel thieves and the San Antonio Spurs, as well as why Kindergarteners out perform MBA graduates at certain tasks. This book uncovers the psychology behind cultures. (Yes, there are workplace studies too)

"9 Lies About Work: The Freethinking Leader's Guide To The Real World" by Marcus Buckingham - a newly-released fantastic read that uncovers the 9 lies about work that we are led to believe and how those lies cause dysfunction and poor performance in the workplace. Kacie highly recommends this book for anyone who wants to create change and break the This is the way we’ve always done it barrier.

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