Welcome BAHRA's Legislative Updates page! Find links to all of the legislative updates from each monthly chapter event. If you have questions about any of the legislative content contact our current Legislative Chairs, Scott Pechaitis or Melisa Panagakos at [email protected] 

2020 Legislative Updates
Legal Minute June 2020 - Title VII Protects LGBTQ+ Status - Jackson Lewis P.C.
Legal Minute August 2020 - CO Healthy Families Workplace Act 

2019 Legislative Updates
Legal Minute August 2019 Vacation Pay Forfeiture Policies
Legal Minute May 2019 Fam Law and EEO1
Legal Minute Jan 2019 - The Year Ahead.pdf

2018 Legislative Updates
Legal Minute Nov 2018 - What Might the New Congress Do 4828-4171-7626 v.1.pdf
Legal Minute Oct 2018 - DOL Opinion Ltrs FMLA & FLSA.pdf
Legal Minute Aug 2018 - FCRA.pdf
Legal Minute June 2018 - Masterpiece Cakeshop.pdf
Legal Minute May 2018 - Parental Leave Issues.pdf
Legal Minute April 2018 - Overview of State Data Breach Notification Laws.pdf